Visit our General Store……

 Take a step back into time

Here you’ll discover an honest to goodness old-fashioned  General Store.  You will be reminded of what it must have been like to shop in the early days of our Country.

general store.38It‘s filled with Groceries, Hardware, Cast Iron, Crocks and Churns, Farm items, Laundry and Household needs, Dry Goods, Apparel and Shoes, Advertising, Tobacco counters, Personal Grooming, Pharmaceutical counter and much much more…….

general store.58

Come relax in the rocking chair, next to the pot belly stove and enjoy one of our bottled old-time sodas while playing a game of checkers. 

Our nostalgic Old Fashioned Penny Candy will have you reminiscing your childhood memories. All your favorites including IMG_3485Bit o Honey, Mustache’s and Fangs, Safety Pops, SuckerBlack Jacks, Squirrels, Candy Necklaces, Flying Saucers,  Candy Buttons, Licorice, Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones, Pumpkin Seeds, Atomic Fireballs, Rock Candy, Dots, Wax Lips s of all kinds, Bubble Gum, Mary Janes, so many to mention.

The bad news, it’s not a penny anymore.

Some of the Ice Cold Bottled Soda we feature includes; general store.08-001

Moxie, Sarsaparilla, Root Beer, Orange, Black Cherry,  Grape, Coca-Cola and Cream Soda.