Do we buy antiques? We are asked this question several times a day.

Typical questions we are asked everyday:

  •  “I have a very old tea set from my Grandmother,  we never use it and I would like to sell it.       OR
  • A person asks… “We are trying to clean out our basement, there are so many boxes my mother and her mother left us. We can’t keep everything but it’s too much to transport.”       
  • Another question we often hear is “My father recently passed away, and we need to sell his house. It’s packed with everything from antique furniture to pots and pans. How can I liquidate his things?

Because we’ve heard these same questions for 33 years, we continue with the same answers. Yes indeed, we purchase antiques. Of coarse we hope you have done your homework and have an idea what you are asking for your items.

We buy a single Roseville vase, a box full of toys, a truck full of furniture, or an entire house. Email us townhallantiques@comcast.net with photos. We do not take consignments. 

If you have a box full of antiques, you’re welcome to bring it in to the store as all of our dealers make purchases.  If you have too many items to bring into the store, we can make house calls. We first ask that you email information regarding the items you have for sale. Include in your email: your phone number and the best time to call. It is always very helpful if you provide general photographs of your items for us.

We have many years of experience handling estate sales and liquidations. Call us when the need arises and we can give you the information you’ll need and all of your options.